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Adam's Links

Olympus - I'd put in a link for Canon cameras since that's my main set of gear, but I see Christine has beaten me to it. Instead, I'll put up a link to Olympus, the makers of our favorite "happy snappy" camera - the Stylus Epic. A compact autofocus camera with a razor-sharp 35mm f2.8 lens and a super-intelligent multi-mode flash.

Subaru - The beauty of all wheel drive. Adam drives a Subaru. Adam likes his Subaru. A lot.

Civil Air Patrol - A volunteer search and rescue/disaster relief organization, the US Air Force Auxiliary also provides aerospace education and cadet programs.

SASOT - The Soft-Air Special Operations Team. Airsoft is sort of like paintball but the guns are more realistic. It's a lot of fun.

Mr. Cranky rates the movies - If you ever want an excuse NOT to see a movie, check out Mr. Cranky. He will explain logically and persuasively why any given movie sucks. - The one-stop site on the web for photography information, from choosing gear to taking pictures. Lots of information. - A site that allows you to download a code-breaking program along with fragments of government code examples. The point is to show the government that their codes aren't secure, by distributing bits of the code to thousands or millions of computers to break down bit by bit. If your computer decrypts the fragment that unlocks the code, you can win money. You didn't need those extra CPU cycles anyway...

Front 242 - Masters of techno-industrial music, over thirty of their CDs (including side projects, of course) reside in Adam's collection.

Photo-Fax - The best place (apart from eBay) to find used professional photo gear at reasonable prices. - Got a question on any topic? Try asking the experts at - you might be pleasantly surprised.