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Christine's Favorite Links

Society for Creative Anachronism
   Research and recreate the Middle Ages -- join the SCA. There's something for everyone -- sword fighting and sewing, feasting and fencing, cooking and camping. Did you see my pictures at Cavalier Images?

The National Gallery of Art
   If you live in an isolated area like Alpena, your opportunities for exploring museums are probably few and far between. The National Gallery of Art has a beautiful site, complete with virtual tours, including in-depth study tours. Take your time and go for a stroll. I still haven't finished exploring.

Canon Cameras
   Adam talked me into trading in a perfectly good Pentax for Canon gear in 1999. There's nothing wrong with Pentax, and I still recommend a Pentax K1000 for students over any other camera out there, but I have to admit the nearly-silent USM autofocus lenses were what really convinced me, and I have no regrets. I'm already looking forward to my next purchase, which leads me to...

   Need I say more? Auctions are a fun way to find what you're looking for.

Editorial comment:I wish I'd thought of a link to Olympus first. The Olympus Stylus Epic was another one of Adam's discoveries I don't regret being talked into. Buy one. They have nice sharp glass and a truly excellent night flash mode, not to mention an f2.8 lens.
   If everyone had a Mac, the world would be a much calmer place... here's a great site full of all sorts of handy information about the Macintosh.

Hewlett Packard printers
   If you're a photographer, go straight to your favorite computer or office supply store, and check out the HP970cse. Take a look at the incredible Photo Ret III output, and just try not to drool on it. It is an inkjet printer, after all.